Ludovika Koch Interview for Style Like U

Hi Everyone,

My new interview with the amazing network “Style Like U” just came out! I’m very content to be a part of their community and empowering movement. Here me open up to you about some of early life experiences, inspirations, and check out some of the details from my S/S collection! We filmed this in December.

Make sure to watch it in HD and let me know what you think!

With Love, Ludovika

Style Like U Article:

Ludovika Koch designing for the OPERA ATELIER

BIG NEWS GUYS!!! I’m designing for the Opera!!! I will officially be designing 3 pieces for the OPERA ATELIER GROUP in Miami for their spring Performance “Great Opera Moments” on March 22nd 2014. I will as well be acting in the Opera “Pagliacci” myself playing the role of “La Columbina” wearing my own design. Very excited and looking forward to the collaboration! I invite you to all come and join me! Ticket information is in the flyer below. Stay tuned for more news! Xoxo…

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Ludovika Koch on Vogue Japan

I was recently featured a few days ago on “VOGUE JAPAN” by Japanese fashion blogger Yuka Nakada!

My S/S 14 collection runway show was featured on the article. As well as my admiration for Japanese Culture & Fashion, and how it is one of my dreams to exhibit a future collection in Japan, or live in Tokyo one day.

I was interviewed about my different inspirations in my designs by Yuka herself, and my love for Japanese Film Animation such as Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films.

Make sure you read all about it!


Ludovika Koch S/S 14 Collection Runway Show at Fashion Week Panama

I’m very happy to present to you my anticipated full “Spring Summer 2013-2014″ collection Runway Show! Thank you to everyone for all the endless support and positive feedback, it’s what motivates me to continue persuing my career! And a big thank you to everyone who made this happen!

Thank you to our team: Giovely Ulloa, Luz Ramirez, Germaine Ochaco, My production manager Mitzila Almanza Koch, Maria Julia, Ilka Almanza, Antonia De La Torre, Derek Sanford, Felipe Gonzalez, Edewin our driver, Anna, Carlos Almanza and Enrique Almanza, Ismael Perez, Bill Sumners, Vivi and Andrea, Akilah Campbell, Frank Polanco, Joshua Alexander, and Anna Clough.

Ludovika Koch S/S 14 Collection Runway Show at Fashion Week Fashion Week Panama

Music used for runway show by the amazing polish french artist: MADOX- LA REVOLUTION SEXUELLE
All rights reserved to the artist and their record label EMI Music Poland! I do not own the music.
for more information regarding this artist: href=””>



Models (In Order of Appearance) Lisnee Archibol, Amanda Diaz, Nadege Herrera, Taty Rowe, Cleirys Velasquez, Alice Bueno Fontaine, Tabatha Sánchez, Denalyn Colon, Anastasia Lagune, Querine Van Straten, Nadia Rikielme, Massiel Mendieta, Michelle Burgos, Ludovika Koch, Natalia Blasser, Kiara Sang, Maria Alejandra from Wilhemina Panama, Joyce Alfvoet, Keithy M, and Sophie Van Straten.

Thank you to the production team Physical Modelos and Fashion Week Panama
Marie Claire De Bueno, Astrud Cordero, Giobanna Torres, and Karoline Wong

Thank you to our sponsors:
Beneful, Toscana Inn, Intercontinental Miramar, VIA TV Network, and Sixt Car Rental Panama.

Ludovika Koch S/S 14 Collection Runway Show at Fashion Week Panama

Ludovika Koch S/S 14 Collection Pictures
Runway Show at Fashion Week Panama

This was such a beautiful experience for me. Thank you to everyone who made it happen and to my amazing team and models! Giovely Ulloa, Luz, Germaine, My Brand Manager Mitzila, Maria Julia, Nena, My aunt Ilka, Marla, Derek Felipe, Edewin our driver, My uncle Carlos and Enrique, Ismael, Akilah, Frank, Alexander, Anna.

Also I would like to thank our amazing models who did such a great job and gave me such a pleasant experience: Lisnee Archibol, Amanda Isabel Diaz, Nadege Herrera, Taty Modelitho Rowe, Cleirys Velasquez, Alice Bueno Fontaine, Tabatha Sánchez, Denalyn Yadiel Cotto Colon, Anastasia Lagune, Querine Van Straten, Nadia Rikielme, Massiel Mendieta, Michelle Burgos, Natalia Blasser, Kiara Sang, Maria Alejandra from Wilhemina Panama, Joyce Alfvoet, and Sophie Van Straten!

And as well a thank you to the Physical Production team for the invite and the amazing opportunity to present this collection! Thanks to Beneful for sponsoring our event and Xoloitzcuintles Jalisco and Patricia for providing the dogs

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The making of our Runway Show at Fashion Week Panama

The making of our Runway Show at Fashion Week Panama! I wanted to give you guys an exclusive look at some of the behind the scenes and picture diary of the making of our runway show. From the planning, to arriving at the airport, to trials of hair at 4 am, to interviews, to the fittings with the models. You’ll get to see a little of it all, and all the hard work a runway show takes. Read the captions!

(Before leaving to Panama)
Here was our Production and Organization Board
We got to pin any ideas we had, pictures of the models, designs, hair and makeup ideas, sketches by our amazing illustrator Giovely Ulloa.
(It was so nice to wake up every morning and find this giant board in my living room) so motivating!


Finally at the airport after packing 8 suitcases all night! Yes, 8 suitcases full of hair, shoes, dresses, accessories. You could only imagine how much it weighed. We had to transport it in 2 different cars and to 2 different hotels, the Toscana Inn, and the Intercontinetal Miramar.
Photo Oct 06, 2 53 50 PM (1)

2 Days after my arrival at TVN news station waiting to be interviewed on their show “Buenos Dias”!

Photo Oct 08, 10 02 29 AM (1)

Got to hang out with this beautiful snake at their studio snakeee

At the casting choosing the models with the rest of the designers like Vergara and Vergara and Project Runway Winner Dmitry Sholokhov. So many beautiful girls to choose from, all from Physical Modeling Agency, Wilhemina Panama, and so many other agencies. IMG_0023

Compcards all over the place


Here’s were the real fun began. The ultimate step! Fittings and trials of clothes with the girls. It was really great having had an idea of who was going to wear what and finding out the garment fit them perfectly! Luckily with most of the girls the clothes fit them great so little adjustments had to be done. We were up super late trying on and off clothes on our girls.
Photo Oct 09, 8 28 53 PM

More fittings. Doing tests to decide who wears what.. Photo Oct 09, 8 06 29 PM

Kaka from Wilhemina trying on an outfit Photo Oct 09, 8 14 58 PM

Tabatha & Denalyn from Optima Management in Puerto Rico doing a fitting in the pastels
Photo Oct 09, 8 28 12 PM

Measuring and doing some adjustments Photo Oct 09, 8 16 30 PM

(Measuring the lenght of the tail and deciding who will wear this outfit) We went through 5 different models trying to find the right girl Photo Oct 09, 7 13 33 PM

So me, Axel, and Maqui from Hander Salon got together a 2 days before the show and we decided to pre brush all of our wigs for the models before. We brushed maybe like 20 wigs in one night at 4 am in the morning on my head! Lol what it takes to make the magic happen. They did an amazing job and are so dedicated to making it all happen. I think I smelled like their hair spray for a few days!.. Then the next night we did it again and they finalized brushing more wigs. Photo Oct 11, 1 44 51 AM

(Before cutting the lace off) You can tell how exhausted I was.. It was tons of fun trying on every color in the rainbow. Photo Oct 11, 2 27 33 AM (1)

Then the big day came! The day we worked for 3 months and waited so long for! Showtime. I was running around doing a million things at once, interviews, finding the models, dressing the girls. I also became a part time makeup artist for my show and helped assist the makeup artists do my makeup on the models. It was such a beautiful experience, so much craziness going on the day of the show. I can’t explain it! Some things go right, some things go wrong. You have to be prepared to take on any challenge, and all done with my team of amazing people.

Madness Backstage! Doing makeup on Model Anastasia Lagune from MC2 Model Management in NY, showing the boys.

Backstage 1

The end result! A great snapshot from our runway show! It is so beautiful seeing your creation come together after having a vision for it. I remember sitting at my atelier with my friends and assitants cutting flower by flower, sewing each little flower, to see it come together was incredible. 2013-10-13 03.36.17.png

Ludovika Koch on CNN Notimujer Part 2

Hello Fashionistas,

I was interviewed recently on CNN (en espanol’s) show “NotiMujer” for the second time! I really enjoyed going on the show as it is a great platform for women trying to succeed around the world. You can watch my interview in the link below. I talk about panama fashion week, inspirations, my early bullying experiences, and why it is vital to be unique and stay true to yourself no matter what people think.

Battle of the Unisex Inspiration

The Churches, The Cathedrals, Michelangelo, the smell of the dimly light candles and echoes of the church seats being closed. I gazed at the ceilings of the churches in Europe as a little child, belittled and intrigued– I would often find myself pondering deeply into the intricate details of electric golds, graceful silky rich reds you could just lay in like a field of velvet roses, dark tales of the new age painted on the wide sky’s of the church. Tales representing battles of angels, sex, death, saints and religion. Each mosaic tile carefully coordinated to what I would describe as “perfection”, painted by the greatest artists to ever live. What did these stories mean? Who were the men with the long hair and crowns in the green velvet embroidered gowns? Curiosity is often a characteristic sure to be found in a child, little did I know about religion, but what I did know is that this darkness was somewhat alluring to me. I have always had an attraction for darkness, but this was something that came natural, it planted seeds of inquisitiveness and afflatus deep in my creativity. Before me stood popes, in beautiful ivory gowns embroidered in the finest gold and silvers finishes. An inspiration and a recollective memory that would eventually come back one day and spark a painting in my mind, but in all actuality, that inspiration manifested as a spark for a fashion collection. If you ever laid your eyes on the sight of a beautiful painted church ceiling, you are sure to have experienced one of art’s true wonders. Of course, this is speaking upon my OWN opinion. The color palette’s and stories of Michael Angelo’s Sistine chapel, and other church ceilings I had commonly seen were something of grace, that will forever continue to burn inspiration in my heart upon my creative pursuits.

Her suit and cigarette, and that dirty alley in Paris. How could you forgot one of Helmut Newton’s most recognized photographs “le smoking hero”. David Lachapelle, Mario Testino, Steven Miesel, these young masters often look upon to a once legend of the art of photography, Helmut Newton himself. 1966– an era of appreciatism towards the glamour of the female figure. Beauty queens like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Lauren were often seen as the ideal beauty of that era. Imagine a woman, slicked back hair, cigarette in hand, dressed as a man in the middle of an alley? Now, the typical beauty aesthetics of the 60′s were complete opposite as to what two legends, Yves St Laurent and Helmut Newton came up with. A work of art stirring controversy and something symbolic as freedom for women. Every time I come across the photograph, the concept of high fashion androgyny seems to really take me away. I have always had a love for all things androgynous, but this photograph has to be one of my favorite from Newton’s living master pieces.
Battle of the Unisex, is a high fashion unisex collection I am working on. The deepest manifestation of my imagination. A collection inspired by the palettes of the churches, Helmut newton’s androgynous photographs, and the unisex fashion world we are living in, as well as things that I have created myself in my mind. Perhaps the strongest collection and largest fashion project I am working on.

Imagine being in Paris: Picture the dark sounds of classical music infused with the melancholic instrumentals of Lana del Rey, a church with the most amazing and intricate architecture, and models from different lands, with different stories to tell you about the Battle of the Unisex, strutting down the runway in gold, black, white, red, and velvets. Men with top hats, canes, gloves, lit cigarettes, and an unfair amount of black eyeliner, slick backs — in the finest tailored suits for men and women.
I have learned that– Fashion can be clothes sometimes, but you can make it art too. I’m just painting the canvas, trying to make that masterpiece come true.


Jesuit Church Vienna - Fresco with Trompe l'oeil - Andrea Pozzo - 1703

church 3

Digital StillCamera

Pic 1

church 5

pic 6

pic 1

pic 4